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Blue Color Small Instant Hot Water Dispenser With Required Temperature And Volume

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM
Certification: CE,CB, LFGB, SGS
Model Number: GWS-122-B
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: OEM color box or brown shipping carton
Delivery Time: As usual, during 20-25 days once the order is confirmed
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500pcs per day
Products Material: Plastic Products Color: To Be Done Based On Customer's Requirement
Products Function: 3 Seconds To Get The Boiling Water Products Usage: Family, Office, Hotel, Etc
Products Package: Based On Customer's Standard
High Light:

small hot cold water dispenser


instant boiling water dispenser

Blue Color Small Instant Hot Water Dispenser With Required Temperature And Volume


Products introduction :


Thank you for using the new generation multifunctional rapid heater with the function and features:


(1) Water output within 3 seconds, boiled water without waiting

(2) Intelligent program control, output water with required temperature and volume, operation simplified.

(3) Fashionable and exquisite appearance, high quality.

(4) 3 steps of boil dry protection in sequence, liquid level alarm, thermal resistor, and temperature control.



Working Principle and Process Flow


When “Hot Water” button is pressed down for the first time (There must be water in the heating element), electric heating membrane heating element will preheat firstly for 2-3 seconds, and then electromagnetic pump starts operating, to let boiled water with required water temperature inside the heating element out via the outlet, and deliver water in the transparent water tank into electric heating membrane heating element in the meantime for transient heating, and guarantee required output outlet volume. For the consecutive second water output, no need to wait!

Blue Color Small Instant Hot Water Dispenser With Required Temperature And Volume 0


1. Technical Parameters and Electrical Schematics

1. Rated Voltage: 220V~ 2. Rated Frequency: 50Hz  
3. Rated Power: 2200W 4. Water Source: Municipal running water (Pure water is recommended)
5. Environment Temperature: 5℃-38℃ 6. Environment humidity: ≤90%
7. Water Heating Capacity: 20L/h (≥90℃)  
8. Power Consumption: 0.2KW·h/24h  
9. Protection against Electric Shock: Grade I  

10. Standard Compliance: 



 Structure Diagram

Blue Color Small Instant Hot Water Dispenser With Required Temperature And Volume 1 No. Part Name Qty. No. Part Name Qty.
1 Water box 1 15 Bullet temperature sensor 1
2 Stainless steel mesh 1 16 Water inlet 3-way 1
3 Water outlet mask 1 17 Water tank water inlet device 1
4 LOGO trim strip 1 18 Main control circuit board 1
5 Water outlet bracket 1 19 L-shape bracket 1
6 Water outlet silicone tube 1 20 Water tank 2
7 Display trim board 1 21 Floater 1
8 Front panel 1 22 Floater cap 1
9 Liquid crystal display panel 1 28 Single-layer cover 1
10 Heating element 1      
11 Manual temperature control 1      
12 Base 1      
13 Electromagnetic pump 1      
14 Electromagnetic pump water outlet pipe 1      


 Operation and Usage

Button function operation instruction:

1. “Water volume” button:

Each press on “Water volume” button will cause screen circulating among big, medium and small cup (Preset big 500ml, medium 250ml, small 160ml), until selection is completed, default as small.

2. “Water temperature” button:

Each press on “Water temperature” button will cause screen circulating among 99℃, 85℃, 75℃ at upper LH temperature display area, icon “Blue Color Small Instant Hot Water Dispenser With Required Temperature And Volume 2” below will change with corresponding temperature, until selection is completed. Default water outlet temperature as 99℃.

3. “Hot water” button:

Press down “Hot water” button, outlet water with required volume and temperature, corresponding water volume icon flashes, until one cup of water is completed, stop heating and outlet automatically. During the process, if press “Hot water” button once, heating and outlet will stop right away. It is better not to drink the first few cups during the first usage.

4. “Child lock” button:

Press “Child lock” button for 3 seconds, entering no hot water outlet state, the display will show the icon “Blue Color Small Instant Hot Water Dispenser With Required Temperature And Volume 3”; return to hot water outlet function if only pressing down “Child lock” button again for over 3S, and the icon “Blue Color Small Instant Hot Water Dispenser With Required Temperature And Volume 3” on the display will go out in the meantime.

5. “Normal temperature” button:

Press down this button, electromagnetic pump works, but the heating element will not work, the icon “” on the display will flash in the meantime, water outlet will give water in normal temperature, water outlet will stop if only pressing down this button again, the icon “” will go out in the meantime.

6. Water shortage alarm:

During hot water outlet, when water level in the transparent water tank is lower than minimum scale line, it will make 3 warning tones consecutively, the icon “Blue Color Small Instant Hot Water Dispenser With Required Temperature And Volume 5” on the display will flash and remind you water shortage, stop providing hot water; at this time, “Normal temperature” button still work normally. You only need to add water, the system will recover to normal state once water level raises up, other operations are not required.

Operation usage:

After installation and debugging, and understood button usage function, now it can be used normally.

1. Hot water: Place water cup on water box first, with the center aligned with water outlet, then press “Water temperature” button, select your hot water temperature, then press “Water volume” button, select your water volume, and press down “Hot water” button at last, the water outlet will give hot water right away, no need to press button and operate, after required water volume is given, it will stop heating and water outlet automatically. Water temperature reference: 99℃ for tee, 85℃ for coffee, 75℃ for milk.

When making the first cup of hot water, there might be vaporization for about 1-2 seconds temporarily, this is caused by software program to adapt with different environment, and it is normal.

2. Normal temperature water: Press down “Normal temperature” button directly, the water will be available right away, if hot water is just given, the heating element will have residual heat by which the water temperature might be higher, press “Normal temperature” button again to stop normal temperature water.

3. If not to use for a short period, please actuate “Child lock” function.

4. If there is residual water in the water box, take the water box out and exhaust residual water.



1. Please place this machine on dry and ventilated solid and stable table or bench out of direct sunlight.

2. Do not splash water and fluid on the rapid heater.

3. Try not to use if environmental temperature exceeds usage range to avoid damage and impact on normal usage.

4. Do not allow children operating or playing.

5. Do not modify electric plug on your own or lengthen power cable of the machine.

6. Please pull out electric plug and cut off the power if there is no person at home for a long period.

7. It is forbidden to insert or pull out electric plug to connect or cut off the power during usage.

8. This machine is electric household appliance with “Grade I” Protection against electric shock, separate 3-pin socket with reliable grounding should be used, which is not for public use with other electric appliances, household electricity should have electric leakage protection.

9. If this machine has malfunctions, such as abnormal sound or strange smell etc., please pull out the electric plug, and contact with after service department or manufacturer, have it repaired by professional service personnel, damaged power cable must be replaced by professional service personnel to avoid hazards.

10. Take the cup away until there is no water dripping from the water outlet to avoid scald.

11. To avoid hazards due to error reset of thermal circuit breaker, the device should not be supplied with power by external switch device, such as timer or connecting to general purpose components for connecting or cutting off the circuit.



 Maintenance and Descaling Method


  1. Transparent water tank of this machine should be cleaned regularly. For stains or dusts on the body, use soft cloth a little bit wet wiping with a little detergent; do not clean by spraying water directly, or wipe with solvents, such as alcohol and gasoline etc.]

Descaling method:

  1. Put 1.0L table vinegar with 8O concentration after attenuation into transparent water tank.
  2. Place a container under water outlet.
  3. Press “Normal temperature” button, make 2-3 small cups of normal temperature water (Take disposable paper cup as example); then select “99℃ Tea” mode, make 2-3 small cups of hot water. Repeat this step for 2-3 times; then pack the residual table vinegar inside the transparent water tank, and fill the transparent water tank with water for normal water operating, until there is no smell of vinegar, then the cleaning process is completed.
  4. The device should not be immersed into water.


1. Troubleshooting

No. Malfunction Description Cause Analysis Solution
1 The display doesn’t light after plugged in the power The machine circuit isn’t live Pull out and re-plug in the plug or change socket
2 No water outlet right way during the first heating No water in the heating element Press “Normal temperature” button first, make sure there is water in the heating element
3 Water stopped suddenly during hot water outlet Water shortage protection Fill in water, try again after the floater raised up
4 Water volume isn’t the same while water volume setting is the same Municipal electric supply isn’t stable Add stabilized power supply
5 The buttons don’t work The machine is under functional protection It will be back to normal state after last function is completed
6 “E1” display Error of water inlet temperature detector Replace water inlet temperature detector
7 “E1” display Heating element thermal resistor failure Replace heating element
8 Strange smell in the outlet water Water stays in the water tank for too long Clean the machine

If the solutions above don’t work, do not disassemble the machine on your own, please contact local dealers’ after service or service hotline of the manufacturer.


Products photos as following:


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